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Thursday, January 12, 2017


I've always liked Natalie Portman a lot in everything I've ever seen in her in, but after seeing Jackie: Jacqueline Kennedy - 2016 Full Movie, I think I'm in love with her...the film, which follows Jackie Kennedy in the days when she was First Lady in the White House, and her life immediately following the assassination of her husband, is very, very good...the plot focuses on Theodore H. White's Life magazine interview with the widow at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts (an occurrence that I've read so much about that there wasn't really any new information for me here), but it's not actually the film that's so remarkable, it's Portman herself...I've seen many portrayals of the 35th FLOTUS over the years, but this performance is downright Streepian in its channeling effect of Mrs. Kennedy's very essence...

Don't get me wrong...the film is beautifully shot and edited, and I like just about all of the casting...putting veteran southern character actress Beth Grant Actor in the role of Lady Bird Johnson, for example, is a brilliant thing, though...I'm a fan of Peter Saarsgard, but I'm not exactly sure why he was cast as Bobby Kennedy, (which is the second biggest part in the movie)...he didn't exactly ruin the film for me, but that casting choice just seemed rather wrong-headed in my opinion...but every other thing about the movie gets it just right, I think...

It is interesting in a gut-wrenchingly painful way to see the events that you've read so much about over the years be dramatized in this way from Jackie Kennedy's perspective...the film is aptly named because Portman is in every frame of it, and she's a revelation...I'll be shocked if she doesn't at least get an Oscar nod for this one...

John Caprell ok......I gotta see it thanks for the endorsement Id love to hear what you think of nocturnal animals on the fnece about seeing it....Merry Christmas to you and Ken!!!
Jim Swilley Reviewed it here...
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John Caprell oooo i forgot sorry....Merry Christmas to you all anyone....not sure Nocturmal would be my cup of tea
Robin Sawyer It's in theaters now?
Pamm Wince Love your review...
Scott Marlowe I fell for her acting after Leon came out (watch the euro cut, the american is missing 23 very important minutes).
Leland Carter I would love to see it. None of the theaters are showing it around us.
Clariece Miller Paulk Don and I went to see it on our 56th Anniversary last Friday. I agree Natalie Portman was terrific. Hope she wins an Oscar. However, I think some things could have been added: John/John did not salute his father. He is portrayed as a little blonde- hai...See More
Lori Finch Coyne She is one hell of an actress - no doubt! She's my girl crush. I can't wait to see it!
Deb Perkins Muehlstein Thanks for the movie review... I'm also a big fan of Portman's... I've always be intrigued by the Kennedy's & the family history... One of the best shows I've seen is the Kennedy's mini series that was on TV a couple of years ago... I will definitely be checking this one out! 
April Woodall I would love to see it
Bobbie Grizzard I've been wanting to see this. And I to love NAtalie Portman. You have convinced me it's a must see
Jacob Israel Jim you should do these are Videos... I think people would really like that, you could also include the trailers etc... years ago I developed a review show called Pix Flix and I had so much fun doing it, and I think you would be awesome
Rowena Silvera Beck Wow! I can't wait to see it, and I love "Streepian" a great description of someone who fully becomes a character. #jesmoviereviews

Jim Swilley Thanks for catching that...