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Thursday, January 12, 2017


I'm too unfamiliar with the entire Harry Potter franchise to pass any judgment on Fantastic Beasts's worth as a prequel, but that's what the girls wanted Papi to take them to see last night, so we went, and I did enjoy it as just a cool movie to experience with the kids...the very likable Eddie Redmayne seems perfectly cast for this, and the way a complete fantasy world is created here and made to seem authentically normal reminded me a lot of how George Lucas manifested his vision of the Star Wars universe...even though CGI flicks are not my thing, I admit that the technical work is very sophisticated here, and I do see the validity of how it can be effectively used for period pieces like this...the New York of the 1920's that is imagined through computer imaging is nothing short of breathtaking...should at least get an Oscar nod for Best Costume design, too...if you're looking for something innovative, imaginative and quite original, you should consider seeing...

Hannah Aaron I thought of seeing it only because of it being set in 1920's NY. I love the 20's-40's.

Geni Lankford Clause All the Harry Potter movies are very good. I put them off for a long time but my children caused me to bring them on in.