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Thursday, January 12, 2017


I actually don't want to say too much about what I thought about this film because I know a lot of people are planning on seeing it over the Christmas weekend, and I don't want to spoil holiday plans for anyone...I will say that it's unfortunate that it's getting such negative reviews, but knowing the way that a lot of critics think, that really doesn't surprise me...'It's a Wonderful Life' didn't get good reviews when it first came out, either (not really comparing this to Capra's best-loved film...just making a point about how movies with heart are often initially perceived)...
I will also say that it's not a perfect film, but to be too negative about it just seems unnecessarily cynical to me...but then, I'm generally a sucker for message movies...can't reveal too much about the plot, but it did take me a few hours of thinking about it after seeing it to connect all the dots and fully get it...OK, now I've already said more than I meant to say...
Anyway, one thing is for sure...Will Smith is an incredible actor, and I'd love to see him finally get his Oscar, but I don't know if this film will do that for him or not...but his performance is indeed very compelling here...and it's a great cast...I also really liked the cinematography...New York has never looked more beautiful that it does here...
That's all I'm saying...

Brian Smith Jim, I saw it yesterday. I did not see the reviews before I saw it. I REALLY wanted to like it. I did not like it. The more I thought about it, the less I liked it.
Frances Martin I want to see it.
Rowena Silvera Beck So will you do a part 2 after the holiday? I'm going and expecting something...hoping for depth...
Lonna Spencer I though Helen Mirren was fabulous. I cried at the theater and every time I have talked with someone about the movie. It was very philosophical. I loved that they had Brian Greene's book, The Hidden Realities, (his 2011 book about parallel universes...See More
Brian Smith I recall that sentence. And I really, really wanted to Iike the movie. I thought they did an excellent job of portraying how horrible grief is. I didn't see as much beauty. And there were too many holes in the plot for my taste.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Lonna Spencer Thank you. I don't know if enjoyed it is the proper terminology. Maybe just that the experience of the film is worth it. Maybe all the holes represent all the unanswered questions of life.
Brian Smith I wrote a review this morning. Yes, I went hoping for answers. That was just part of the problem though.

I won't say anything more. But, I think the critics were right to be disappointed. It was a short run time. They could have expanded it by 1/2 hour and possibly made it so much better.
Keo Zach It was tear-jerker for me. (Okay, call me sappy, now.) I felt compelled, after watching the movie, to write a bit of a review involving the parallel realities (collateral beauty), as Lonna alluded, as well as its similarity(ies) and polarities betwee...See More